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What’s on in Appledore , Bideford, North Devon. Find events with live music in local pubs and clubs like the Champ, the Beaver and the Appledore Social Club

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Learn more about the amazing musicians and bands that gig in Appledore’s pubs and clubs – like Baz Bix, Clear Waters Deep and Miss Courtney Rose

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More about events, local pubs,, restaurants, and the history of Appledore and Bideford.

Venues like Social Club, Champ, Beaver and Royal Hotel hosting live music events

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Appledore Music is a gig guide for live music events at local pubs and clubs as well as a showcase for musicians and bands that perform in the local area.

Anyone who wants to know what’s on in this part of North Devon, around Appledore, Bideford, Westward Ho! and Northam can find gigs, events and music venues here. Check out live music for Halloween, Christmas and summer.

This site is still developing. Gigs and live events are added as we learn about them. If you know about any live music events in our area that are not already listed, tell us here. Lots more musicians will be added too. Get in touch if you’re a local musician and want yourself, or your band or live act to be added.

Coming soon there will be a weekly newsletter with the latest information on upcoming gigs and live music. You’ll be able to subscribe with a form on the home page. Also planned are ticket sales for ticketed events, t-shirts and other merchandise.

All feedback welcome, Just fill in the contact form if you would like something added, changed or removed, and any suggestions too.

Have fun!