Jim Crawford

Jim Crawford is arguably the best-known musician in the Appledore area. Originally from Lancashir, he now resides in the heart of Appledore. He is a quiet and humble man who has been heard to say that he’d rather go fishing with his dog for company than perform live. He has, none the less, toured much of Europe and the States captivating audiences with his intimate folk/blues style.

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Softly spoken, Jim has for years has been revered among professional musicians as a consummate finger picker and slide guitarist. He also has a great voice that belies his appearance.

He plays regularly at the Champ and the Social Club, and is frequently seen and heard at open mic nights and jam sessions around Appledore. Jim is a phenomenal blues guitarist whose left hand dances along the frets as if by magic.

Jim keeps a low profile. He was selling CDs through his own web site but that seems not to be around any more. Jim, if you’d like a link to it, contact us here. In the meantime, catch up with him at one of his blues nights or at Baz’s Marmalade Club outings.